Those people in Troy were freaking idiots. (nero_ed_azzurro) wrote in thenewrq,
Those people in Troy were freaking idiots.

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1) Have you every had a physical relationship with a person you have absolutely no feelings for, loved, or cared for in any way?
2)Have you ever had a physical relationship with a friend, but no limits on dating anyone else, but still love the person?
Can you tell the difference between a relationship with no emotional attachment, and one with it? If that person has a girlfriend, and they have one of the aforementioned relationships, is it cheating?
And yes, I understand that that has to do with their partner's definition of cheating, but still.
When your physical relationship like scenario 2,came to an end with this person, how did your friendship fare? In scenario 1, what happened after the "fuck buddy" relationship? Did you just part ways, or did you stay in contact, or did you continue the relationship indefinitely.

I ask, because I'm restarting a physical relationship with a friend of mine, after a year of doing nothing with him, and he has a girlfriend at the moment.
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