HAL 9000 (hal__9000) wrote in thenewrq,
HAL 9000

May I discuss something with you Dave?

I was talking with Dr. Chandra in regards to religion earlier and there are a couple things that do not quite compute. For instance:

  • God is supposed to be omnipotent, all-powerful, and yet he seems to have a limit to how much energy he may expend at any one time. Did he not create the Heaven's and the Earth in six days...after which he needed to rest on the seventh? These concepts do not mesh well.

  • I have never understood why people have a problem with evolution. The implication that it is separate from God seems ridiculous. Evolution is a logical progression of adaptation of form and fuction...why ca it not be that God set this in motion? Moreso, it seems foolish to imply that something as powerful as God is believed to be, a being that supposedly has no limits, could not make a human being from an ape. Or do those that not make this connection assume this to be beyond the scope of his abilities?

I would appreciate your input, Dave.
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